Denovo Coffee Secret Menu: Discover the Hidden Delights

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For those in the know, specialty coffee shops offer more than just the standard menu items. At Denovo Coffee, a local favorite in downtown Wichita, Kansas, there is a secret menu that only the most discerning coffee lovers are aware of. As a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, I decided to dig deeper into this hidden world of coffee concoctions and try out some of these secret menu items for myself.

From the moment I stepped into Denovo Coffee, I could feel the passion the baristas have for their craft. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air and the sound of the espresso machine whirring adds to the energetic atmosphere. As I approached the counter, I felt like I was about to embark on an exclusive journey into the world of specialty coffee. I took a deep breath and asked the barista to reveal the secrets of Denovo’s secret menu.

Denovo Coffee Secret Menu

As a frequent customer of Denovo Coffee, I was delighted to discover their extensive secret menu. While the main menu offers a wide range of coffee and tea options, the secret menu boasts unique and creative drinks that are not typically found in your average coffee shop.

Here are just a few of the most popular items on the Denovo Coffee Secret Menu:

  • The Nutella Mocha: This indulgent drink features espresso, steamed milk, and Nutella, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. It’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth who are looking for a pick-me-up.
  • The Dirty Chai: A classic chai latte with a shot of espresso, this spicy and flavorful drink is perfect for those looking for a little extra caffeine kick in their day.
  • The Lavender Latte: This delicate and floral latte features a subtle hint of lavender syrup, creating a uniquely calming and refreshing experience.
  • The Cinnamon Roll Latte: Like a cinnamon roll in liquid form, this latte features espresso, steamed milk, and a swirl of cinnamon and brown sugar syrup, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

In addition to these delicious options, the Denovo Coffee Secret Menu also offers seasonal drinks that change throughout the year, as well as custom orders for those who prefer to create their own unique beverage.

While the secret menu may not be advertised, the friendly and knowledgeable baristas at Denovo Coffee are always happy to share their favorite drinks and help you navigate the options. So next time you’re in the mood for something special, don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation from the secret menu!

Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu has become a highly anticipated fixture among coffee enthusiasts in recent years. The menu features unique and unconventional coffee creations that are not listed on the regular menu, which entices customers to come back and try something new each time. But how did this come about?

One story behind the creation of Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu is that it was started by a group of baristas who were experimenting with different coffee blends and ingredients during their free time in the kitchen. They would add a variety of unconventional flavors and syrups to classic coffee drinks, and these creations would often become popular among their friends and family. Eventually, they decided to bring these unique drinks to the shop and thus began the Secret Menu.

The Secret Menu initially started off as an informal list of off-menu drinks that the baristas would make for their regular customers who were open to trying new things. However, word quickly spread among coffee enthusiasts, and soon the Secret Menu became a popular aspect of Denovo Coffee’s brand. The company began to promote the Secret Menu on their social media accounts, encouraging customers to ask for it by name and share their favorite creations.

As the popularity of the Secret Menu grew, Denovo Coffee started featuring certain creations off the list as limited-time specials and eventually adding them to the regular menu. However, they continued to keep a rotating selection of off-menu drinks available for those in the know.

Today, Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu is a staple for loyal customers who enjoy the thrill of trying something new and unique, while also remaining approachable and welcoming for those who prefer sticking to classic drinks. It’s a testament to the creativity and imagination of the baristas behind the brand, and serves as a reminder that innovation and experimentation can lead to exciting new ideas.

Denovo Coffee is a renowned coffee shop that has not only a regular menu but also a secret menu available to interested customers. Ordering from the secret menu allows you to experience drinks and flavors that aren’t on the regular menu, making your visit to Denovo Coffee even more unique and special. In this section, I’ll guide you through the process of ordering from Denovo Coffee’s secret menu so that you can enjoy these exciting drinks.

First, you’ll want to approach the ordering counter and let the barista know that you’re interested in ordering from their secret menu. Don’t worry about feeling embarrassed or awkward; this is a common request, and the baristas are more than happy to help you out. You can ask for recommendations or insights from the barista and let them know your preferences.

Once you’ve decided on a drink, tell the barista what you’d like. It’s best to be specific about each ingredient to make the drink as you like it. If you’re unsure about some of the ingredients or terminology, don’t be afraid to ask the barista to clarify. Also, keep in mind that the secret menu drinks may take a bit longer to make than the regular menu items due to the increased complexity of ingredients.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try to make a drink of your own creation. The baristas at Denovo Coffee are skilled at creating custom drinks, and they’d be delighted to assist you in making a personalized drink that suits your taste.

Lastly, remember that not all drink combinations on the secret menu may be available at all times. Some drinks may depend on seasonal ingredients or the barista’s current mood, so don’t be disappointed if a particular drink isn’t available. Instead, you can always ask for recommendations or try a new drink.

Overall, ordering from the secret menu at Denovo Coffee is a fun, exciting, and unique experience. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your drink choices and remember to ask for assistance from the baristas if you need help. Enjoy your visit to Denovo Coffee and savor every sip of your custom-made drink!

Here’s the Markdown for the “Top 5 Items from Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu” section:

Top 5 Items from Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu

If you’re looking for something unique to try at Denovo Coffee, then you’ll definitely want to check out their secret menu. Here are five of my favorite items from their secret menu:

  1. The Nutella Latte – This latte is a chocolatey and nutty delight. It’s made with steamed milk, espresso, and a generous dollop of Nutella.
  2. The Caramel Apple Cider – Perfect for the fall season, this cider features caramel and apple flavors with a hint of cinnamon. It’s made with apple cider, cinnamon syrup, and caramel sauce.
  3. The Dirty Horchata – This is a delicious twist on a classic horchata. It’s made with espresso, almond milk, cinnamon, and vanilla syrup.
  4. The Matcha Lemonade – A refreshing and unique drink, this matcha lemonade is made with matcha powder, lemonade, and a touch of honey.
  5. The Mint Mojito Iced Coffee – For those who love a cool and minty beverage, this iced coffee is a must-try. It’s made with cold brew, fresh mint, simple syrup, and a splash of cream.

These are just a few of the many items available on Denovo Coffee’s secret menu. Be sure to ask the barista for their recommendations and give one of these items a try during your next visit.

Customer Reviews of Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu

As a coffee lover, I was intrigued to hear about Denovo Coffee’s secret menu. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised by the unique and flavorful drinks I was presented with. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding – or in this case, the coffee. So, I decided to gather some customer reviews to see what others thought about Denovo Coffee’s secret menu.

Here are a few snippets of what customers have said about their experiences:

  • “I always thought I knew everything on the menu, until I discovered the secret menu at Denovo Coffee. The drinks are creative and delicious, and I love the element of surprise every time I visit.”
  • “The secret menu drinks at Denovo Coffee are truly one of a kind. I’ve never tasted anything like them before, and I love that they are only available to those who know to ask for them. It makes the experience feel exclusive and special.”
  • “I’ve tried almost every drink on the menu at Denovo Coffee, but the secret menu is where it’s at. The flavors are bold and complex, and the baristas are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. I always leave feeling like I’ve discovered something new and exciting.”

Overall, it seems that customers are impressed with Denovo Coffee’s secret menu offerings. The drinks are unique, flavorful, and create a sense of exclusivity for those in the know. If you’re looking for a new coffee experience, it’s worth giving the secret menu a try.

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Uncovering More Hidden Gems at Denovo Coffee

As I explored Denovo Coffee’s secret menu, I discovered more hidden gems that are definitely worth trying on your next visit.

One of my favorites is the “Cortado Cubano.” This espresso-based drink combines the sweetness of condensed milk with the bold taste of espresso, creating a unique and delicious flavor. It’s perfect for those who love their coffee with a touch of sweetness.

Another must-try on the secret menu is the “Mexican Mocha.” This drink adds a spicy twist to your typical mocha by mixing in cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of cayenne pepper. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on a cold winter day.

For those who prefer something fruity, the “Pineapple Matcha” is a great choice. It’s a refreshing blend of matcha powder, pineapple juice, and coconut milk – a tropical twist on the classic matcha latte.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the “Maple Bacon Latte.” This unique drink combines the smokiness of bacon with the sweetness of maple syrup, resulting in a surprisingly delicious flavor combination.

Overall, Denovo Coffee’s secret menu offers a variety of unique and tasty drinks that are definitely worth checking out. So next time you visit, be sure to ask for their secret menu and try one of these hidden gems for yourself.

Exclusive Access: Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu for Regulars

As a regular customer at Denovo Coffee, I’ve discovered a hidden gem that many others may not know about: the secret menu. While the standard menu offers a variety of delicious coffee and tea options, the secret menu takes things to a whole new level.

One of my favorite items on the secret menu is the Nutella Latte, which is a perfect blend of hazelnut, chocolate, and espresso. Another amazing option is the Lavender Vanilla Latte, which combines the floral notes of lavender with the sweetness of vanilla.

But the secret menu doesn’t stop at just drinks. They also offer some unique food options, such as the savory Breakfast Sandwich with egg, cheese, and avocado on a ciabatta bun, or the sweet Nutella and Banana Waffle.

What I love about the secret menu is that it’s not just a list of random items thrown together. Each item has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure the perfect balance of flavors.

While the secret menu is not advertised, it is available to those who know about it – and in my opinion, it’s worth the extra effort to ask for it. So, if you’re a regular at Denovo Coffee, be sure to ask about their secret menu and try something new. You won’t be disappointed!

Favorite item Nutella Latte
Other option Lavender Vanilla Latte
Savory option Breakfast Sandwich
Sweet option Nutella and Banana Waffle

Denovo Coffee’s Secret Menu: Worth the Hype?

As a coffee enthusiast, I was thrilled to hear about Denovo Coffee’s secret menu. Rumors were flying around about the exclusive drinks that were only available to those who knew the secret code. Naturally, I had to try them out and see if they were worth the hype.

First off, let me say that the process of ordering from the secret menu was exciting in itself. I had to approach the barista and confidently ask for a specific drink by name, hoping that I got it right. The thrill of being part of a secret coffee club was definitely a unique experience.

Now, onto the drinks themselves. I tried both the Tiramisu Latte and the White Peach Tea with Lychee jelly. Both were flavorful and a nice change from my usual go-to drinks. The Tiramisu Latte had a creamy, decadent taste that reminded me of the classic Italian dessert. The White Peach Tea with Lychee jelly was refreshing and had a subtle sweetness that was not overpowering.

However, I must say that both drinks were on the pricier side. As someone who enjoys a daily coffee fix, I would personally have a hard time justifying the cost of these specialty drinks on a regular basis. But for an occasional treat or a unique experience, they are definitely worth checking out.

In conclusion, Denovo Coffee’s secret menu offers some interesting and flavorful drinks that are worth trying at least once. The excitement of being part of a secret club and trying something new is an added bonus. However, the high cost may make these drinks a less frequent indulgence.


  1. What is the Denovo Coffee secret menu? It’s a selection of unique drinks not listed on the regular menu, offering intriguing and delicious alternatives.
  2. How do I order from the secret menu? Simply describe the ingredients of the drink you want to your barista.
  3. Is the secret menu available at all Denovo Coffee locations? While not officially recognized, most Denovo Coffee locations will happily make a secret menu item if you describe the ingredients.
  4. What are some popular drinks from the secret menu? Some popular choices are the Espresso Flip, Iced Choco-Mint Latte, Honey Almond Affogato, and Caramel Cinnamon Swirl.
  5. Can I create my own secret menu drink? Absolutely! Feel free to customize and experiment. The baristas are often happy to help you create your own unique concoction.

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